Jay’s Reflection

On New Year’s Day thirteen of us left theMinnesota winter behind and traveled to Cuernavaca, Mexico for two weeks of study and adventure at theQuest MexicoCenter.   In addition to sun and tee-shirt weather, we were there to learn about our world and ourselves from a new perspective.


Quest Mexico introduced us to the lives of the poor. In Mexico poverty means living on less than $5 a day.  We went to the “People’s Market” to try out our Spanish and see if we could buy enough food on those wages. We visited with social workers and educators who taught us about poverty and hope. We heard a village elder talk of using “Liberation Theology” as a community organizing tool. We visited another village where disorganization keeps people so poor that buying tortillas for their children is a daily challenge. 


We also spent a day at the orphanage reading and playing with kids. We met strong and vibrant people.  We got to experience a culture which is filled with family and spirituality instead of material goods. 


The trip challenged and inspired all of us to re-examine our own lives and to see the world from the perspective of those who are poor materially but rich spiritually.


Jay Newcomb, Service Learning Coordinator


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